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Simple Prayer

I just recently posted a long Bible Study that I did and it took me many days to complete.  And coming back to writing on this blog, even sporadically, has been fairly new after going through some tough years when I haven't written much.  But tonight I was struck by the thought that we don't always have to have in depth, earth-shattering, revelations each day.  And I most certainly don't want any of you to think that I do that every day...because I definitely do NOT!

Today I didn't spend hours studying, in fact I felt very fatigued, I prayed for people I know, for my friend's daughter who is going to Haiti on her first mission trip, and I thanked God for my the fact that my Best Friend just got a wonderful job in her new hometown.  Our thoughts, our prayer, our writing, they don't have to be long, or something that feel formal, they just need to be REAL. That is it.  God knows how we talk and act on a day to day basis, he knows if we put on airs around other people or just when we pray.  He wants us to be comfortable and open, trusting Him with the care of our homes and families and trusting for the same for those we love. He wants us to be REAL with Him, REAL with ourselves, and REAL with the people around us!  We have to certainly be wise about what intimate information we share with others, but overall we don't need to act like someone we are not.  People will most often relate to you best when you are just being yourself.

So today I'm just typing what comes to my mind, just being me.  I have also been praying for the multitude of Christians being slaughtered around the world just because they believe in Jesus.  As someone who was basically just lucky enough to be born in America, I want to pray for those who don't experience the freedoms I am blessed with.  I want to thank God for those who are brave and who risk their lives to proclaim their faith in Christ or at a minimum for those who won't deny Him.....Oh Lord I don't know if I could be as brave as they are, but please let them feel your presence strong and let them feel your love and the love of fellow believers around the globe.

I'm thankful that I am allowed to post things on this log from time to time and I'm so very thankful for the thousands of you who read my blog regularly!  For I am just a simple woman, living an average life, with an extraordinary God!

"Lord, I pray for each and every person who reads this blog, I ask that you would give them renewed health, great strength and courage, and let them feel your Perfect Peace!  I thank you for not leaving any of us, you are with us always, but especially in our time of need.  Help us to be brave in sharing our faith.  You tell us that we are to live like you could be coming back at any moment, and I believe that moment is drawing near, help us not to be afraid because there are likely people out there who are close to coming to know you but they need someone to help answer some questions, or tell them that God loves them no matter what they've done.  Don't allow this to be a burden for us that stops us from peaceful sleep, but burden our hearts so that we step out of our comfort zone and let people know that we believe in you and help us to share love with someone new each day.  You are amazing and faithful, thank you for your mercy and grace which are new each morning!  In Jesus name, Amen!"

Be blessed my friends around the world.  I know that many of my readers are in war torn areas of the world, some of you living in the very Countries I mentioned where Christianity is a crime, please know that God has you on my heart to pray for.  And please know that by emailing me on the 'Contact Me' page, it will send me a private message where you can request that I would pray for you or you can share something wonderful God has done for you!

Know that you have a Sister in Christ who wants to pray with you, whether I'm in the same Region or across the ocean, with the technology of the internet, we can be partners to pray for each other, other Christians, Non-Believers, our Countries, and our World!

May God Bless you and Keep you,


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