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 I would like my first blog to be a note to say that I am happy to be starting a blog and also hoping that everyone will extend me a little grace as I learn how it all works. This is a new thing for me but as you will find out if you do not already know, I love to talk and discuss the issues that matter, so this seams to be the perfect place express my thoughts.

My life has had many hills and valleys and my Jesus has walked by my side the entire time....well he carried me a few times but the truth is that he never left me. My life experiences have taught me that the fellowship of believers is a vital part of God's perfect design for our lives. It is preferable to have face to face contact but in today's society this is not always possible to get this on a regular basis for some people, and I hope this blog will help to provide an environment of fellowship.

I will be posting a new blog soon.

Your Sister in Christ,