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Prayer for Surgery

It is time for me to have yet another surgery, and although I have them a little more frequently than the average person, they can still be a little scary.  All the unknowns.

I used to work with Doctors, so I know that they are regular people just like us.  They have good days and bad days, days that they're distracted and days where they are very focused.  Nurses are of course the same.

Since the care of the Doctors and Nurses is so important in surgery and recovery, I like to pray before surgery (usually the day before) and specifically pray for the staff who will be coming in contact with me in the hospital.  Since I have been doing this (many years now) my surgical procedures have gone much better.  Plus, it's just an extra opportunity to pray for others.

I thought I would share a sample of what one of my pre-surgery prayers looks like.

"Lord, today I am asking for Your protection as I get ready to go in for surgery.  I ask that you would help the Doctors, Nurses, and Staff that will be involved with my surgery to get a full and peaceful night's rest.  I ask that they would be free from relational tension or life circumstances that could cause them to be upset or distracted during my surgery.  Please help them to have a great morning, that they would wake up and feel great, that their minds would be sharp and they would be in a good mood.  I ask that you oversee the preparation of the surgery room, place all the tools and equipment that you know are going to be needed in the right places where they can be easily found when required.  I ask that you would cause anyone who is sick or carrying any sort of bacteria or disease to go home or leave the hospital.  Please give wisdom, discernment, and compassion to the medical staff and help them to remember that I'm not just a numbered surgery but a real person with emotions.  Guide each step that my surgeon takes, let his hands follow your Will.  I ask that my recovery will go smoothly without sickness, infection, or anxiety.  Assist my body to heal quickly and completely and help me to be patient and to rest during that time.  Please bless the staff that are involved with my time in the hospital, for the years they gave to be educated and their dedication to serving others.  I ask that you would give me Your perfect Peace and help me to remember at ALL times that you are the greatest Physician of ALL!  Thank you for being with me on the mountain tops and carrying me through the valley's.  In Jesus name, Amen."


  1. hey, don't worry..because God's in control.

    stay blessed,
    KM Johnson

  2. KM,

    Thank you for your comment and blessing. You stated such a simple truth, "God is is Control!"

    And Praise God for that!

    Thank you again for your heavenly perspective and sharing your life and testimony through your blog.

    My He keep you close enough that you will always smell His sweet breath on your face!



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