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Set me free

This post is a little out of the ordinary for me, but I first watched this video about 10 months ago and it was very powerful. It is a dramatization to the song 'Set Me Free' by Casting Crowns. I think these kids did an excellent job and this brings me to tears almost every time I see it.

Many times we think of people who are in bondage as drug addicts and other more socially unacceptable struggles, but do we stop to think that our bondage could be to overspending/shopping, perfectionism, pleasing the people around us, or one of hundreds of issues that are either more accepted by society or simply unknown to those around us.

I've shared this video several times since I first saw it and I must say that it communicates a message in 4 min's that would take me much longer to explain with mere words.

I hope this video blesses you just as it has blessed me.

(You will want to pause the music that is playing to the right before playing this video)

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