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Farewell 2012 - The missing year

Wow, it is January 2013 already, that means it has been an entire year since I've posted anything to this blog.  The past year was full of many changes, health challenges, & a general state of busyness that made me take a step back from writing so that I could give my energy to my family.

This past year I would occasionally log in to my account and I discovered that despite my absence, people are still reading my blog!  God is good, what an AMAZING blessing!

Although things in life are not exactly as I'd like them (let's be honest, that rarely ever happens), I believe that 2013 will find this blogger back online!

This short post is to THANK you all for reading my little blog!  I haven't even checked the stats for last year yet, but at the end of 2011 my blog had readers from over 80 countries!  And I know it has only grown from there.  I have received messages from some of you via the 'Contact Me' page, explaining how a post has touched your life, sharing your thoughts, or asking questions and I am truly blessed to know that God is using my story to bless/validate/teach/encourage others!  

I owe my life to JESUS CHRIST and I am but a meager servant, making mistakes daily, but striving to be more like Him.

Some big changes are happening to me and I look forward to sharing what God is doing in my life with you in 2013!

God Bless,


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