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Movie Review: A Shine Of Rainbows

A Shine Of Rainbows
(Released in 2010)


I think I have found a well made 'family friendly' movie (available instantly on Netflix).  I feel that I should give the disclaimer that this movie does portray Irish folklore in such a way as to lead the watcher to wonder if it's true.  (Likely to be obvious to older children)  Younger children may need some parental explanations for the folklore told in this movie.
Outside of that, this is a story of love and acceptance, of finding courage in spite of tragedy, and of the power of family love.

I like the movies tagline "The Greatest Journey, is the One that Brings You Home."

Warning: You may want to have some tissue handy...

Happy Movie Watching,

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  1. You would make a good movie review columnist. The review is informative, insightful and helpful. The issue of bullying is not only very real, but for kids going through it, it can be a daily nightmare. This review would help open that topic up for discussion.


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