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Peace In The Breeze (A short story)

Today I sat on my favorite patch of grass, green in color and beautiful to watch the blades softly bend with the wind. I prefer to lie down on my back and close my eyes and breathe in the aroma of fresh cut grass. It's funny how the earth and dirt even take on a wonderful smell on a warm day. Laying still I like to listen to the calming sound of the branches tickling each other as they play in the breeze.

As I lay there on a warm summer day, I let my mind take flight, longing for a sense of peace and a break from the turmoil of this world. I’m going to fly to heaven, even if my body can’t join me on my quest. I know this is my freedom.

My spirit flies to the heavenlies, so vast, no walls, nothing to confine me. I know I won’t fall because I’m touched by the wind and the breath of the Father. His love lifts me, swirling around me as a mother wrapping her arms around her child. This is where I’m safe to share my soul. I let the flood gates burst open. My thankfulness, my fears, my joys, my confessions…all of the things I want to say rush out like a rocket - fast and speeding into my Fathers hands. My mind can’t even follow my thoughts as they travel, but I know that He sees inside my heart even before my mind can form the words to express my cares. So I float in His love, asking for His forgiveness to sanctify my sinful body, I feel refreshed after a long day in the desert.

My Father, Holy Redeemer, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, He answers me without a word. He reassures me without a sound. He gives me peace in the whistling breeze. He hugs me with the warm encompassing rays of the sun. My God is with me always, and today He knows I long to be with Him.

My spirit floats like mist back to my body. I can smell the grass again, hear the birds, and watch the trees sway with the warm afternoon breeze. Looking around, my heart feels full and my eyes tear as I hear my God reminding me that He made beautiful things for me to enjoy. I am also reminded that He listens to my every word and thought, he knows my hearts desire. He walks with me, every step - every day.

How Sweet it is to be loved by my Heavenly Father!

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